onsdag 28. november 2012

fredag 25. mai 2012

søndag 8. april 2012

tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

søndag 16. oktober 2011

søndag 28. august 2011


Gert is flaking his latest build with his homemade flake gun..

tirsdag 5. juli 2011

In memory of a good friend.

Our good friend Bjørn Robert "Bønna" Nesse left us way to early in a pointless motorcycle accident 22nd of June, 2011. You will always be remembered and your good spirit will be with us forever!

Without beeing a good friend he was also an amazing custom builder and you can check out his awesome custom skills here: http://custombikesbonna.blogspot.com/


lørdag 21. mai 2011

Arild´s bobber

Arild finally got his Harle Davidson Showel Bobber to the west coast, built by Manyana Custom and custom painted by Marius Mellebye.. more pictures here.

Gerts new project bike..

Gert´s new bobber project bike. He´ll leave it as it is this summer and start on a rigid project this winter.. Sporster 1200.

søndag 15. mai 2011

søndag 1. mai 2011

Arilds custom Custom paint..

Arilds custom paint with pinstriping, lettering and gold leaf is finished by Marius Mellebye/276.

søndag 3. april 2011

Ready for custom paint..

Arilds new custom bobber is almost ready for some custom paint.. Lettering, pinstriping and gold leaf will be placed by Marius Mellebye / 276

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Member section updated..

Our member section with contact information for each member is almost complete, only the last prospects get their asses up and send their info and bike pictures to the web guy.. have a look here.

fredag 11. mars 2011

For sale.. (SOLD)

The "for sale" section is updated. Gert is selling his Redneck framed Harley Davidson "De Ville" chopper. For more info, click here.

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Arild´s new custom build..

Our member, Arild is about to get his new custom build soon.. The bike is built by Manyana Custom and are shipped off to paint, then they will pit the shit together before Marius Mellebye aka 276 takes over the gas tank, oil tank and the fenders to add some custom art as pinstriping and gold leaf.. the old skool way!

onsdag 9. mars 2011


Please be patient, we are starting our site/blog.. Check back soon for more news and updates.